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Training Courses: Installation – Sales – Marketing your company

All Tradesmen and Companies, if you’re looking to learn how to install resin bound surfaces or even if you already have a company, We offer courses that show you how to install, sell and market your company. We will teach you all aspects of the industry, from the materials used through to promoting your sales and marketing.

Why not learn from the previous owners of the biggest resin driveway company in the UK, having over 11 years experience, installing 400 driveways a year. At the forefront of our industry at the highest level, we were developing unique mixed coloured surfaces for driveways, developing the materials and determining appropriate stone sizes and the optimum quantities of resin to use. Improving non slip properties, methods and systems used throughout the installation of the resin surface. These are all now used across Great Britain today. Our experience in marketing and sales for Resin Driveway Companies is the best start for a start-up new business or an existing business looking to boost their Company.

Why not learn from the previous owners of the biggest resin driveway company in the UK for over 11 years installing 400 driveways a year, being at the forefront of the industry at a high level we were developing unique mixed coloured surfaces for driveways, re developing material in stone sizes and how much resin to use, non slip properties, methods and systems used within the installation of the resin surface, all this is now used across Great Britain today. Our experience in marketing and sales for a resin driveway company is the best start for startup businesses or existing businesses looking to boost there company.

Alternatively, we also offer on-site training for a max of 6 people, with ongoing support following completion.

the benefits of

Resin Bound

Resin bound surfaces are the new driveway path and patio surface of the 21st century, an attractive option for many homeowners and those that oversee commercial sites. If you are trying to get into the industry, then learning to install the surface is necessary. If you are an existing business and looking to develop a resin surface offer, Our team of business experts will teach you how to market your company to blow the competition away at affordable costs, Once you have made the phone ring and received emails for quotations, you then need to sell the jobs at company prices, we will teach you how with our sales training circle that has a proven track record, all this is hugely beneficial to anyone looking for their company to hit the ground running.

Installation Course One day course 8am-5pm (see below for course detail)
Sale Course One day course 8am-5pm (see below for course detail)

Marketing (see below for course detail)

Installation- What Does the Course Involve?

This is a comprehensive one-day course. There are many elements involved, and you will be taught crucial knowledge and skills by our highly experienced instructors. You will learn the difference between the various forms of resin surfaces and the different materials used. You will also gain “hands-on” practical skills, learning best practice for mixing and hand trowelling the resin. In addition to this, our professional expert will explain the tools required to complete any project you undertake.

It is essential that you calculate the correct amount of resin and aggregate needed to create the desired look. During our course, you will be taught how to carry out this task and the appropriate measurements needed depending on the size of the project. You will also learn every aspect involved in creating a surface, from preparing the ground and edging the area to be spread to laying the resin and stone, and using a trowel to smooth the surface over.

Like any form of manual labour, mistakes and difficulties can crop up. So, during the course we will identify the common problems and the best way to tackle them. A large portion of the course is dedicated to hands-on training, in which our specialist will demonstrate the various techniques and allow you to practice them.

Course Content

Courses cost £350.00+vat per person or company training on one of your own sites is £700.00+vat  up to 6 persons. A complete breakdown of the course content can be found below:

  • Induction
  • H&S
  • Product Detail
  • Surveying
  • Project Management
  • Site Management
  • Installation
  • Post Installation
  • Aftercare
  • Q&A

Sales Course

This is a one day course which can benefit salesmen and companies where by they need to increase there conversation rate to a consistent 1:3. at the resin warehouse  you will learn how to sell yourself your company and the product.

The training is conducted by a Super Salesman, who has consistently sold over £1 million a year in the industry. This can be taught in the classroom or for existing businesses, we can teach you with your live quotations. We also provide ongoing sales advice and support after completion of the course.


Websites & Marketing

Are you starting up a Resin Driveway business, or do you have an existing Company in construction. We can help you by establishing our proven marketing system that will keep you on Page 1 of any search for Resin Driveways in your chosen areas,. You have the choice to keep your business small or grow to a larger company turnover.

We will teach you how to run your own marketing using our system which covers Social Media, Google my business, Ad Words and market research.

We can also create or revamp a website that will work effectively for your business, using the right wording that potential clients would expect to see.

For more specific information, we offer a free consultation at your business premises or at home, with one of our business advisers.

Contact us on 03301 322 393.

Next Steps

Once you have completed the course, you will be given a certificate and a copy of the course notes. Rest assured that our experienced team at Resin Warehouse will always be on hand to offer advice should you need it; just call the direct line number we give you. There may even be opportunities for you to work with Resin Warehouse as a spreader.

Why Choose Resin Warehouse?

When you enrol on our training courses, you can rest assured that you will be learning from the best of the best in the industry. We have a team of qualified installers who are experienced in training new beginners and those who already have resin surfacing knowledge.

Each programme focuses on the relevant information and techniques, so when the course is complete, you will be ready to take on projects for customers or enhance your own garden! For more information, give our team a call on 03301 332 393.

Please note that you need to wear protective clothing, including gloves, for the course due to exposure to chemicals. Tea and coffee will be provided, but we do not serve lunch, so bring your own.

The course will run from 9am to 3.30pm-4pm, and you can find us at the following address:

18 Wickham Business Centre
Harwood Road
BN17 2RN

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