Resin Part A and Part B

Resin Part A and Part B


7.5kg of resin comes in 2 parts.

The Resin warehouse Polyurethane UVR Resin is colour stable and will not unduly alter the aggregate base colour, which is especially important for lighter aggregate colours. Our Resin Bound system is SUDS compliant which means it does not require planning permission (providing the sub base on which it is laid is porous or a suitable soakaway exists). Polyurethane UVR Resin is manufactured in the UK and is certified and approved as part of a BBA System. The Resin warehouse Polyurethane UVR Resin must always be produced using the same strict factory conditions and ingredient formula, both of which cannot be altered. This safeguards the consistency and performance of our Polyurethane UVR Resin. Our Polyurethane UVR Resin is supplied as a two-part kit that is easy to use and it quickly establishes excellent tolerance to moisture and can withstand heavy foot traffic in as little as 24 hours.

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Weight 7.5 kg
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